Monthly Archives: August 2015

New place I write: The New York Times, and other updates

Few updates: I’m now writing regularly (monthly) at the New York Times as a contributing opinion writer. My New York Times op-ed can be found here. (That page doesn’t include this one on Uber and the power of data and algorithms in general, which was co-authored with Brayden King.)

I’ve created a Facebook page which I update regularly with my writings. If you “like” the Facebook page, which is here, my writings may show up on your newsfeed (algorithm willing).

I’m continuing to write at The Message, over at Medium. My Message pieces there can be found here. I can be found on Twitter as @zeynep. I haven’t really given up blogging or writing as you can see—just shifted more to traditional media as well as new platforms.

Of course, I continue to publish academic articles regularly. You can see almost all of them here on Google Scholar or an on this page. Sorting by year on Google Scholar will give the latest ones. If you need a copy of any of my academic articles, please email zeynep at technosociology dot org and I’ll be happy to send you a copy. (Though most of my articles are open access these days! Yeay!).

Finally, I’m working on a book for Yale University Press tentatively titled “Networked Protests in the 21st Century”. (Title will likely change). It should be out in 2016 (it takes nine months from manuscript completion to bound copy of book!). I’m super excited about this book as it will bring together my theoretical and empirical work on the interaction between new technologies and social movements in one place.

That’s all for now!