TED talk and a newsletter

A few updates!

My TED talk on the importance of human morals in the age of machine intelligence is up. You can watch it here. I especially focus on the implications of machine learning..

I’ve started a newsletter, which will include my longer writing, but it won’t be archived publicly. I’m experimenting with having a non-public outlet, for conversations that are not public statements, but more like thinking out loud, or thoughts or notes that do not make it into my public writings.

Sign up to my newsletter:

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(You can also sign up at this link:https://tinyletter.com/zeynepnotes)

I continue to write regularly at the New York Times. Some of my columns can be found here. (It’s not an exhaustive list; some of them are posted outside the opinion pages. You can find them by searching the whole site).

One more update: My book from Yale University Press, “Twitter and Tear Gas: The Power and Fragility of Networked Protests” is available for preorder here!



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